Ensworth Students Shine at Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Congratulations to the 22 Ensworth students who won Gold, Silver, and Honorable Mention awards at the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards!

Laela Clark11Gold KeyDrawing & IllustrationCoy Corporeality
Mei Mei Dellinger11Gold KeyDrawing & IllustrationBuilding a Home
Sophia Frist12Gold KeyPrintmakingAgonomalus Jordani
Sophia Frist12Gold KeyDrawing & IllustrationMistress's Table
Sophia Frist12Gold KeyDrawing & IllustrationImmortality
Adelle Hemsath12Gold KeyDrawing & IllustrationSquirming
Cara Mabry12Gold KeyCritical EssayThe Glamorization of Serial Killers
Tyler Roh8Gold KeySculptureCaptured in Stone
Hannah Smokler12Gold KeyShort StoryJust Vanilla
Sydney Adams12Silver KeyPaintingScrutiny
Sydney Adams12Silver KeyDrawing & IllustrationJordan and Me
Sullivan Brown11Silver KeyPhotographyChicago In Blue
Corinne Chidsey11Silver KeyPhotographySilhouette
Mei Mei Dellinger11Silver KeyDrawing & IllustrationThe Butterfly Effect
Mei Mei Dellinger11Silver KeyDrawing & IllustrationUntitled
Sophia Frist12Silver KeyDrawing & IllustrationWho Cares, Anyway?
Noah Sparrow11Silver KeyDrawing & IllustrationOrigami Shark
Ethan Wickstrom12Silver KeyPhotographyClimbing the Tower of Babel
Soren Sugalski8Silver KeySculptureThe Broken King
Alexa Williams11Honorable MentionPaintingSurreal Room
J. Wesley Looper8Honorable MentionSculptureThe Sword in the Stone
Sydney Adams12Honorable MentionPaintingThere he is.
Sydney Adams12Honorable MentionMixed MediaAll eyes on me
Audrey Campbell12Honorable MentionPoetryIceland
Trent Campbell9Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationDoor to Imagination
Alex Crews11Honorable MentionPhotographyA Name That Time Forgot
Mei Mei Dellinger11Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationWho Am I Supposed to Be?
Mei Mei Dellinger11Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationUntitled
Caleb Dorris12Honorable MentionPhotographyRelease
Sophia Frist12Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationWhitetail
Sophia Frist12Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationDeprive
Sophia Frist12Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationAround Again
Sophia Frist12Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationHer Sweet Sickness
Adelle Hemsath12Honorable MentionDigital ArtFins for Brains
Adelle Hemsath12Honorable MentionDigital ArtOasis
Adelle Hemsath12Honorable MentionPaintingAmong the Kelp
Mia McDermott9Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationGears
Mia McDermott9Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationDistance
Shyla Peak11Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationSurrealist Room
Shyla Peak11Honorable MentionMixed MediaTouch Grass Cause Poster
Hannah Smokler12Honorable MentionPoetryCollection of poems: "Breath"
Hannah Smokler12Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationOrigami Butterfly Still Life
Noah Sparrow11Honorable MentionDrawing & IllustrationElectric Room
Chloe Ward12Honorable MentionCritical EssayDevastating Effects of Glacial Melt
Ethan Wickstrom
12Honorable MentionPhotographyTwo Birds on a Wire


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