veterans walk on campus

Celebrating Veterans

Celebrating veterans is more than a day in the year. On the Frist Campus, Mr. Chanaca has spent the last nine years growing this celebration beyond the annual Veterans Day Celebration. However, so much appreciation and love still culminate in this one day. The Veterans Day Club and Service Learning program run year-round. Students offer service to and interview those who have served our Nation through the U.S. military. 
We welcomed twenty veterans from our community this year. They began their day at the Harkness table with Mr. Chanaca’s WWII class and received a brief history of Veterans Day celebrations at Ensworth. They proceeded to tour the campus and made their way to a commemorative assembly honoring them and others. Then they continued to a panel where they were offered a chance to share part of their story with students. 

Veteran guests included a World War II veteran, a Rhodes Scholar, an NFL referee and two-time Super Bowl caller, alumni, and current staff. Their stories varied from harrowing to hilarious. Afterward, the guests were treated to a meal in the dining hall.

Thanks to AJ Dale, Peter Darst, Caleb Dorris, Landon Jones, and Harry Phillips for their help orchestrating this special day. 


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