Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month - Frist Campus

Music. Art. Family. Friends. High School students had the chance to hear from Heysel De Aquino and Alejandro Riviera as a part of their study of Hispanic Heritage Month. Alejandro and Heyzel shared their Hispanic roots through their family stories and heritage. They also offered local restaurants for students to visit to immerse themselves in Latino culture. 
Heysel De Aquino is from Mexico. She is a journalist and has a Latin platform called Somos Ponle Play, where she is a co-host. She also organizes events and is a big part of the Hispanic Nashville community. Alejandro Rivera is Puerto Rican and Cuban. He is a Dance Director and Manager at Nashville’s Global Education Center and is very involved in the Hispanic community in Nashville. 
Global Education Center is a local nonprofit organization. They are a multicultural arts center with events, classes for adults and children, performing arts, and documentaries. 

The Mission of Global Education Center:
  • To use the arts of diverse cultures
  • To highlight the commonalities of all people
  • To promote global awareness and concern
  • To develop empathy, understanding, and respect for the individual and for all of humanity
  • To support the Center’s belief that fairness and justice are basic human rights for all


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