Welcoming New Faculty & Staff

The 2022-2023 school year kicks off by welcoming all new Faculty and Staff.
Head of School Prentice Stabler welcomed new faculty and staff to the Red Gables Campus today as a part of the first day of In-Service for the 2022-2023 school year. He reminded each new member of the Ensworth staff what an honor it is to have them here and to remember these four things: 
  • Know you’re here for a reason, and be confident in that.
  • Be learners of this place. 
  • See everything with fresh eyes and bring your past experiences with you. 
  • Connect. 

Affirming that each member of the Ensworth community is here for a reason, Prentice encouraged them to be confident in that truth and look to make an impact starting on their very first day. As each person comes in with fresh eyes, they also bring an ability to look at this place without preconceived notions, an opportunity to continue to help improve this place. Finally, as Prentice addressed the new hires as “the Class of 2022,” he reminded everyone to build their class and this community.  

Each member of the Ensworth faculty and staff has the extraordinary privilege to impact the young lives that come through Ensworth School. Welcome to the newest influencers.  

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