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Red Gables Campus Kicks Off Hispanic Heritage Month

Students across grades and disciplines have kicked off Hispanic Heritage Month, September 15–October 15, on the Red Gables Campus.
The United States celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month to recognize the influence of Hispanic Americans on our history and culture. The Red Gables Campus’ activities include:

  • Mrs. Gaines has a display of books about Hispanic heroes and culture in the Lower School library.
  • Students at the Lower School have been exploring the Hispanic culture by identifying Spanish-speaking countries through music and books about Hispanic culture and heroic figures.
  • In Grade 4 Spanish, students have been learning about the topic of immigration and Hispanic-American food culture, as well as where Hispanic immigrants settled in the US. Students identified Spanish-speaking countries and different places where people immigrate In the US. Students learned about immigrants from the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico and explored Washington Heights culture and foods such as Piraguas, a shaved ice cone flavored with different tropical fruits.
  • Middle School students have also been engaging in research projects about Hispanic Americans and will present research at the assembly.
Parents can enrich their child’s experience by trying some activities at home in five areas. Read the document detailing these activities in history, art, music, travel, and food.

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