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World Language Week 2021

World Language Week Underway

Taking the best ideas from last year’s remote World Language Week, the Lower School has kicked off its annual World Language Week. 
World Language Week gives students a fun opportunity to learn Spanish, Chinese, and the rich culture surrounding these two languages through games, art, and cuisine. 

Apart from classroom activities, themes guide activities for each day of the week. See below for the full schedule of activities.
  • Monday: Book recommendations from Mrs. Harris, Srta. Morales, and Mrs. Gaines
  • Tuesday: Chinese meal pics and restaurant/market recommendations from Mrs. Harris
  • Wednesday: Family movie recommendations
  • Thursday: Latin American cuisine and restaurant/market recommendations from Srta. Morales
  • Friday: Recap of activities throughout the week

World Language teachers challenge students to find happy painted rocks around campus. A few classes will embark on a scavenger hunt, and all students can play World Language Week Bingo (card linked below).

Monday: Book Recommendations

Tuesday: Asian Food

Read all of Harris Laoshi's restaurant recommendations and recipes.

Wednesday: Movie Night

Click here for a full poster of the movie recommendations.

Country specific
  • DisneyNature Expedition China (G) (Netflix)
  • China: The Karate Kid (2010 version) (PG)
  • (Netflix)
  • Wild Kratts: China Adventure (Prime)
  • Born in China (DisneyNature) (Prime)
  • Our Trip to Asia: Cartoon for Kids (Prime)
  • The Way Home (Korean) PG (Prime)
  • The Rice Paddy (G)(Prime)
  • Abominable (PG)(Prime/Streaming)
  • Dhanak (PG) (Netflix)
  • Punyakoti (G) (Netflix)
  • Mighty Raju: Rio Calling (G) (Netflix)
  • Queen of Katwe (PG) (Prime)
  • My Pen Pal: An African Adventure (PG)
  • The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind (PG)
  • Pachamama (Netflix)
  • Canela 2013 (Amazon Prime/YouTube)
  • Coco (Amazon Prime)
  • The book of life (Amazon Prime/YouTube)
  • Tesoros 2018 (Amazon Prime)
World Travel
  • Dream Big: Engineering Our World (G)(Netflix)
  • Once Upon A Time. The Explorers (Prime)
  • Travel with Kids Series (Prime)
  • Families of the World Series (Prime)

Thursday: Hispanic Food Recommendations

Visit the Hispanic Food Recommendations blog post.

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