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Select Seniors Synthesize Ensworth Career with Capstone Projects

Despite the challenges associated with completing the academic requirements, seniors persevered in their Capstone projects.
Ensworth’s Capstone Program gives students the opportunity to engage in an extensive exploration of a passion or interest that is above and beyond academic courses and extracurricular involvements—though it is often the product of weaving multiple inspirations into one. 

To participate, a student investigates, proposes, and gains approval for a specific research project in Grade 11, and conducts the research and presentation of their findings over the course of their senior year.

Although a presentation to the Ensworth community was not possible due to the pandemic, several seniors demonstrated the Class of 2020’s enterprising spirit by completing video presentations of their Capstone projects.

Three will be highlighted here: Carrie Cohen, My-Lan Le, and Jessica Calloway.

Carrie Cohen: "Comparison between the Plot of French Stories to French Ballets"

Sponsor: Dr. Theresa Todd
Coursework: French 2, French 3, AP French

My-Lan Le: “3D Design Technology in Medicine”

Sponsor: Chris Thompson
Coursework: Biology, AP Biology, 3D Design Technology, Studio Art 1, 2, 3

Jessica Calloway: “Analyzing Spanish, Latin American, and Mexican Artists’ Stylesthroughout History”

Sponsors: JC Johnson & Sara Bostwick
Coursework: Photo 1, 2, 3; Spanish 2, 3, AP; Through the Eyes of Immigrants

Other presentations available to the community on the Resource Board

Gabriel Abram
“Room Tunes: An Auditory Exploration of Indie/Bedroom Pop”
Sponsor: Jim Aveni

Briggs Blevins
“Expanding Music Production into the Studio”
Sponsor: Jim Aveni

Paige Chestler
“Poetry in Film”
Sponsor: Matt Kaminski

Dante Rodriguez and Jordan Yi
“Podcast Series: Relationships”
Sponsor: David Berry

Tay Waggoner
“A Study of the Life and Work of Maya Angelou”
Sponsor: Brooke Morgan

Students who presented in December:

Lucas Chaveyriat
“Architectural Photography: International Perspectives”
Sponsor: JC Johnson

Max Moeller
“Relationship between the Economy and Developments in the Auto Market”
Sponsor: Danny Wright

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