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Grades 3 and 4 Continue Performative Education Remotely

Although students in Grades 3 and 4 would have preferred to perform in Frist Hall to all K–8 students, now everyone can view the Grade 3 Vocabulary Parade and Grade 4 Biography Fair at home.

Grade 3 Vocabulary Parade

For the annual Vocab Parade, each Grade 3 student chooses a word to define using costumes and a short act on stage. This year, the celestial canopy (sky) was the circumscription (limit), with each student having fewer constraints. Watch the witty and informative compilation video below.

Grade 4 Biography Fair: Famous Americans

Apart from the perennial favorites like Betsy Ross and Thomas Edison, students also chose to represent lesser-known figures such as Maria Tallchief, Native American and America's first major prima ballerina.

Parents and students can play along at home by downloading and filling out each homeroom’s scavenger hunt sheets.


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