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Francie Fisher Corcoran

Alumni Profile: Francie Fisher Corcoran '09

Kirby Wiley '10
Student government, track, cross country, and Capstone projects are just a few of the activities Francie Fisher Corcoran '09 participated in during her 13 years at Ensworth. 
It was learning to balance all of her extracurricular activities, her rigorous coursework, and spending time with friends and family that taught her the importance and benefits of living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.
Now, Francie is living out her life-long dream of being a business owner, opening up a barre3 studio in Brentwood in September 2019 with her business partner, Jessie Ganick. Barre3 is described as a full-body workout that combines strength conditioning, cardio, and mindfulness, but the results are much more than just physical. “Rather than walking out of our studio feeling defeated, barre3 leaves you feeling stronger in your mind and body. It’s not about the number on the scale or the way your clothes fit, but rather, it’s about finding joy in movement and staying present amongst the chaos.”
Francie first discovered barre3 in 2014 when she moved to New York City. “I felt so lost, intimidated, and uncertain after leaving two wonderful networks in Nashville and Winston Salem. Barre3 became my haven in NYC; it was my secret escape when I needed 60 minutes to just move and center my thoughts, and it always left me feeling like I was worthy and enough.”
Francie’s love for barre3 would continue to grow as she made the decision to move back to Nashville and become an instructor at the barre3 studios here. Over the next few years, Francie says she gained a new type of confidence that would end up translating into every area of her life, “Finding barre3 has instilled a new type of confidence in me—one that allowed me to fall in love with my now-husband, Tom, one that has helped me navigate the world of Public Relations, and one that ultimately pushed me to take the leap and open my own studio. Barre3 helps me stay grounded so that I can continue to be a better wife, daughter, leader, friend, and colleague.”
That confidence is what led her to open her own barre3 studio. Her goal now is to pay it forward in hopes of helping other people find that confidence through her classes. “Our hope is that clients can embrace imbalances as opportunities to move life forward toward a more balanced state. We want them to feel strong, powerful and humbly confident after leaving our studio so that they, too, can go meet their soulmate, tackle their fears, and take care of loved ones.”

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