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2019 Tennessean All-Midstate Swimming Team Selections

Congratulations to our 2019 Tennessean All-Midstate Boys and Girls Swimming Team Selections! Kallie Chelsvig '20, state champion in the 100m freestyle and verbal commit to Notre Dame, made the All-Midstate team in the 100-yard freestyle. And in the boys' category, behind Coach of the Year Christian Bahr, Evan Petty was named 200 yard IM and 100 backstroke. The Ensworth boys filled the entire All-Midstate relays teams, the 200-yard medley, 200-yard freestyle, and the 400-yard freestyle.
Boys Coach of the Year: Christian Bahr
100-yard freestyle: Kallie Chelsvig 
200 yard IM, 100 backstroke: Evan Petty 
200-yard medley: Evan Petty, Michael Glasson, Rob McCall, Patrick France
200-yard freestyle: Patrick France, Noah Lucy, Cole Kennon, Michael Glasson
400-yard freestyle: Noah Lucy, Patrick France, Rob McCall, Evan Petty

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