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Miracle Network Dance Marathon

Student Speaker Series Showcases Student Passion

Lainey Garside ’21 used the newly created Student Speaker Series to educate students about the Children’s Miracle Network and the Dance Marathon she is hosting at Ensworth on Saturday, February 2.
The Ensworth Student Speaker Series provides students with the opportunity to share a story, express a passion, or bring attention to a cause. Ten-minute speeches are rehearsed during two coaching sessions and delivered during an all-school assembly, with or without a visual aid. Opportunities for a smaller venue such as a Class Meeting are also an option.

As the first speaker in the series, Garside addressed the all-school assembly about the Dance Marathon and the history behind the Children's Miracle Network. She also shared the exciting news that Ensworth will be the first high school in Middle Tennessee to host its own Dance Marathon. As a result of her wide audience, Lainey has gained the support of many on the High School Campus. Visit her fundraising page to learn more or to donate.

Although proposals are screened by the Dean of Students office, the Student Speaker Series is a student-driven initiative with proposals approved by a Student Government vote with the proposing student’s name removed during voting.

Other students have taken advantage of the Student Speaker Series to educate classmates about certain issues. Jacqueline Frist spoke to students in January about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) which she knows first-hand from having a brother with ASD.

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