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High school teacher and student talking in the quad

Ensworth's Futures Sports Leagues and Clinics promote a healthy approach to the pursuit of athletic experience and growth for our young athletes.



Registration for Fall and Winter Futures Sports Leagues will open on Wednesday, July 24 at 10 a.m.

We believe children best develop through an organic exposure to athletics in free play outside or in a gym, as well as through an organized sport setting focused on fundamental skill development, positive experience, and appropriate competition. We encourage all kids who participate in our leagues to "practice" and play for fun outside on the playground, in the backyard, and on the asphalt as much as possible. Our leagues exist to promote exercise, positive relationship-building competition, and just plain fun. In upper elementary and middle school age groups, the leagues provide an opportunity for more serious competition, team teaching, and organized practice times.

Oren Goldring

Director of Auxiliary Programs



Boys middle school basketball player

Futures Basketball

Ensworth will be offering Futures Fall & Winter Basketball Leagues for boys and girls in Grades K-5. 

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Futures Lacrosse

Ensworth will be offering Futures Fall Lacrosse Leagues for boys and girls in Grades 1-6.

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Girls middle school lacrosse


Golf, Girls

Futures Clinics

Ensworth will be offering Futures Fall Clinics in boys basketball and in boys and girls golf.

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Corey Donohoe

Corey Donohoe

Assistant Director of Athletics; Head Girls Lacrosse Coach-HS
Josh Lester

Josh Lester

Associate Director of Sports Leagues & Auxiliary Programs Coordinator

Leagues & Clinics

Middle school girls basketball