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Featured Courses

AP Music Theory

AP Music Theory is a rigorous course designed as an equivalent to first-year college coursework in musicianship. Before taking the course, students should have basic performance skills in voice or on an instrument and some ability to read musical notation. During the course, students develop a thorough understanding of Western tonal music. Major areas of study include harmonic analysis, composition, dictation, and sight singing. By the end of this course, students have the theoretical and compositional ability necessary to succeed in any area of college music study. Note: This course requires approximately ten hours of required summer work preceding the course.

Acoustic Guitar I

This is a beginning acoustic guitar course for those who have had little or no previous experience on guitar. Students learn a variety of popular and traditional songs as well as basic music theory. Skills developed during the course include strumming patterns, playing duets, scales, and basic music reading. Students must supply their own acoustic guitar and accessories including strap, capo, strings, picks and case. Total expense if purchased: $300.

Music 3: Composition Forum
This course provides a forum for students to cultivate and discover their artistic voice by investigating modern and traditional composition techniques and methodologies. All styles of composition including songwriting, beat-making, jazz, classical, and avant-garde are encouraged and studied as students apply knowledge gained in their previous coursework - theory, history, technology, and performance - in the pursuit of their own creative works. The course may include a multimedia based project whereby students present their newly developed voice.




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