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In addition to their academic arts courses, students can enroll in a number of exciting performing arts ensembles. Ensembles meet as regularly scheduled classes during the school day alongside academic courses. This provides an excellent opportunity for students to use their talents to the fullest while allowing the individual choice of diversifying and deepening their arts experience. For example, students can join the Rock Band while pursing Studio Art, study Acting while singing in Chamber Singers, or dedicate their time to a specific discipline by taking courses such as Music Video Dance while joining Dance Team, or by performing in the Orchestra while taking AP Music Theory.


Dance Company

The Ensworth Dance Company works throughout the year to achieve the overall goal of serving the school through engaging performances, such as athletic halftime shows, school assemblies, pep rallies, and concert events. The Company is comprised of dancers who are able to learn at a fast pace and perform advanced choreography, both for the community performances listed above and in the competition setting, depending on the season.

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Chamber Singers

Chamber Singers is our premiere, superior-rated festival choir. They attend regional and state choral festivals and perform in at least two concerts a year as well as in some assemblies during the school day. 

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Ensworth orchestra performance
Ensworth Encore performance


Encore is our contemporary a cappella group. The group focuses on contemporary a cappella arrangements in genres such as pop, jazz, R&B, blues, funk, and similar styles. Encore has an extensive performance, recording, and rehearsal schedule with after-school rehearsals closer to performances.

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Rock Band

Rock Band is a contemporary instrumental ensemble comprised of guitars, bass, drums, pianos, keyboards, and singers. It focuses on theory, ear training, music reading, and chart writing as well as playing aptitude. Students delve into genres such as rock, R&B, hip hop, funk, metal, soul, and blues and may experiment with songwriting.

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Rock band performance
Rock band performance

Jazz Band

Jazz Band is a select instrumental ensemble comprised of up to 25 students who generally have at least 2-3 years of experience on the saxophone, trumpet, trombone, piano, keyboards, electric guitar, bass guitar, or drums. Students delve into jazz improvisation and a variety of different styles such as swing, blues, shuffles, Latin, fusion, and rock/funk.

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Chamber Orchestra

The Ensworth Chamber Orchestra is a unique instrumental ensemble in which students learn and perform a variety of music ranging from classical and romantic to film scores and contemporary arrangements. This is an auditioned group comprised of brass, woodwind, percussion, and string instruments and is open to any grade level.

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Chamber Orchestra


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