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High school teacher and student talking in the quad

Creativity is an essential part of any vibrant and bold endeavor. Inherent and universal, creativity allows us to better understand ourselves as individuals and as community members.


The Ensworth Arts Department creates a supportive and enlightened environment where our K-12 students can discover, develop, and use their talents to the fullest. We encourage beginning interests and advanced abilities alike, through traditional and contemporary practice, with the aim of fostering in each student a willingness, a courage, and a true fascination with the world around them. The creative act exists where we personally and collectively strive to grasp and express a greater idea. By this work, students become active participants in their learning experiences. From pirouette to potter's wheel, paintbrush to photograph, instrument to prose, theory to performance, we come together as a community to celebrate our students' creative expression and rejoice in their search for truth.

Footloose performance


From an early age, students at Ensworth have a wide variety of opportunities to develop and strengthen their theater skills. Whether you're drawn to performing on stage or working behind the scenes, there's a place for you. You can shine as an actor, or contribute your creativity and skills to building sets or running the vast array of technology. 

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Ensworth offers a broad range of music courses to both musicians and non-musicians. Whether you're an aspiring musician or simply passionate about exploring the world of music, our program provides comprehensive training and diverse opportunities. Students can engage in instrumental and vocal ensembles, music theory, and composition classes, all designed to cultivate their talents and creativity.

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Dance Concert


Our dance classes offer a dynamic curriculum designed to inspire students at every level, from beginners to advanced dancers. Through a variety of dance styles, including ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary, students will develop their technique, express their individuality, and gain confidence. From Dance for Athletes to Music Video Dance and the Dance Company ensemble,  our program encourages each student to reach their full potential while discovering the joy of dance!

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Visual Arts

Ensworth's Visual Arts courses are discipline-based using predominantly independent projects to promote the development of creativity. Individual review and group critiques supplement this creative process. Students use similar construction/deconstruction techniques in each discipline to find the essential elements in all art forms. The application of these exercises produces a portfolio of the student’s experiences in class. 

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Lower School Arts

Students in Grades K–5 take visual arts and music during each grade. Instructors introduce a variety of media and processes for making visual art and help students find success through creativity. Students examine influential artists toward learning a global view of art, and connect their artwork with interdisciplinary projects. Students explore fundamental music concepts, singing and listening skills, and opportunities to play instruments, culminating with an opportunity to showcase their work in a performance each semester.

Middle School Arts

The art program is designed with consideration of developmental growth stages, seeking to foster a sense of personal exploration and ownership of projects. All Middle School students take a visual arts course each year. Students learn a variety of artistic techniques and are encouraged to develop ideas and ownership on their projects, to use independent and creative thought in making art, and to critique and analyze art in a positive and deliberate manner. Students also select a performing art each year and are required to participate in public performances during the school year.

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Visual & Performing Arts