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High school teacher and student talking in the quad

The Middle School years represent a significant transition from childhood to adolescence. Our dedicated faculty strike an appropriate balance between nurture and challenge as they help students develop key social, emotional, and academic skills. As the leaders of the Red Gables Campus, students emerge as empowered individuals, equipped with the confidence and capabilities to actively shape and enrich their community.



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Our teachers work together across disciplines to execute an integrated curriculum that builds and reinforces key skills. When students enter Middle School, they are children – physically, emotionally and intellectually. When they leave the Middle School, they are moving into young adulthood. Knowing the intervening three years have the power to shape a child's whole life, every teacher in Ensworth’s Middle School is dedicated to adolescent education. The program emphasizes students taking responsibility for their work and actions as the school seeks to develop young adults who are personally accountable and responsible citizens in their communities as well as learners prepared for further educational experiences.


The Middle School English curriculum celebrates literature and the discussions and writings books inspire. The curriculum consists of four distinct, related components: reading, writing, vocabulary, and evidence-based practices to teach language usage and writing. Students develop enthusiasm and appreciation for literature, while building critical and analytical thinking skills. 


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Ensworth student in math class
Ensworth student in math class


Our Middle School math teachers strive to create an academic environment that allows students to use their talents to the fullest. This is facilitated by providing multiple levels of instruction targeted at each student’s math readiness. 


Our Middle School Science curriculum provides experiential learning in a broad range of science disciplines: biology, chemistry, physics, and earth science, with the goal being to help students understand the interconnectedness of these disciplines. Students learn to be comfortable in a lab setting as they perform experiments, use math to analyze collected data, and develop organizational and writing skills to communicate their conclusions.


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History & Social Studies

The Middle School History and Social Studies curriculum is designed to help students develop strong skills in research, writing, reading, information organization and synthesis, source analysis and identifying divergent perspectives, oral communication and public speaking.

World Language

In Grade 6, World Language is an introduction to Latin, which focuses on the structures of language in order to be successful in any World Language class. Topics include grammar concepts, word order, spelling, declension, vocabulary acquisition, verb conjugation, negatives, interrogatives, and language exceptions. In Grade 7, students select Spanish, Chinese or Latin for a two-year commitment in preparation for advancing to Level II in Grade 9.


Ensworth student writing in Chinese
An Ensworth middle school student playing an instrument


Three Ensworth students in art class


The Middle School elective program is meticulously crafted to offer students a rich and fulfilling experience to foster a sense of belonging, promote academic achievement, and nurture authenticity. Students are empowered to choose from five focused electives, each tailored to meet their interests and aspirations. Complementing these are core electives, such as Life and Research, Writing & Public Speaking, which meet twice per rotation per semester.

Life Class

Life class provides students with the tools for positive and productive social and emotional growth. Topics include: transition to Middle School, managing expectations, mindfulness strategies, responsibility, peer mediation and conflict resolution, grit, gratitude, personal safety and setting boundaries, understanding and celebrating differences, appropriate use of technology and social media, facts and effects of substance use, human sexuality, and effective strategies for recognizing and coping with stress.

Service Learning

All students engage in grade-level service projects that incorporate interdisciplinary learning and that enhance their understanding and compassion for society with many different needs.

Technology & Innovation

All students take a technology and innovation class that introduces skills in coding, 3D design and printing, the process for design thinking for solving real-world problems, and multimedia production through podcasts, videos, and graphic design. 

Physical Education

All students participate in a year-long, sports-based physical education class with an emphasis on fitness, skills, and strategies. Each class incorporates both sports-based teaching units and related components of physical fitness development, including muscular endurance, muscular strength, cardio-respiratory endurance, agility, and flexibility. 

Clubs & Activities

All students have the opportunity to participate in different clubs and activities suited to fit each students' passion and interests.


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