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In the Lower School, a collaborative effort between classroom teachers and enrichment instructors fosters an environment of active learning, where curiosity and questioning thrive. Here, students embark on a journey of exploration, diving into core subjects and essential skills, laying a solid foundation for a lifelong love of learning.




Lower School students embark on a journey of discovery, collaboration, exploration, and experimentation. Our small class sizes allow our faculty to forge deep bonds with each student, identifying their individual strengths and areas for continued growth. We prioritize the connection between academic achievement and social-emotional growth. This whole child approach ensures that our students thrive not only academically but also develop the essential skills and resilience needed for lifelong success. At Ensworth, we foster an environment where every child is empowered to flourish and reach their fullest potential.


The foundation of Ensworth’s literacy curriculum is a systematic and explicit approach to teaching our young students how to read. Using the latest research on the science of reading, our Grades K-2 curriculum combines Orton Gillingham-based phonics, decodable readers, and a multi-sensory approach to reading acquisition. In Grades 3–5, reading instruction emphasizes encouraging each child at an appropriate level, where the difficulty of text is enough to build confidence and a love of reading. 

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The math curriculum at Ensworth emphasizes the successful development of mathematical thinkers. The curriculum, Singapore Math, uses a focused progression integrating concepts, skills, processes, and hands-on learning, all required in the problem-solving process. Lessons guide students toward developing understanding using a concrete-pictorial-abstract approach. Students develop knowledge in the areas of numbers, functions, operations, geometry & measurement, data, and statistics. 

World Language

The primary focus of World Language instruction is the development and nurture of essential linguistic skills needed for meaningful communication in the target language. All Lower School students take Chinese and Spanish classes to learn vocabulary and grammar through aural/oral activities, to acquire language specific phonetics and syntax, develop listening and speaking skills for authentic conversational speech patterns, and learn about the history and culture of global Chinese and Spanish speaking communities.

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Visual and Performing Arts

All Lower School students take visual arts and music at each grade level. Our faculty introduce a variety of media and processes for making visual art and help students find success through creativity. Students examine influential artists toward learning a global view of art, and connect their artwork with interdisciplinary projects. Students explore fundamental music concepts, singing and listening skills, and opportunities to play instruments, culminating with an opportunity to showcase their work in a performance each semester.

Social Emotional Learning

Life class provides students with the tools for positive and productive social and emotional growth. Students learn a variety of topics, that are age- and developmentally-appropriate, such as: speaking and listening, respect, gratitude, truthfulness, personal responsibility, self-awareness, making good choices, personal safety, developing friendships, accepting others and understanding differences, learning from mistakes, growth mindset, and being a helpful member of learning and social communities and groups.

Interdisciplinary Projects

Students develop awareness and understanding connecting a theme and digging deeper into an area of learning across the disciplines of music, literature, culture, history, language, art, and technology, culminating in a public performance in the spring.

Service Learning

All students engage in grade-level service projects that incorporate learning and that enhance their understanding and compassion for society with many different needs.

Aftercare & Enrichments

At Ensworth, learning knows no bounds, and our after-school programs are designed to ignite curiosity, foster talents, and nurture the unique spark within each child. 

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