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High school teacher and student talking in the quad

Ensworth's High School offers integrated academics with a primary focus on developing skills for growth and learning above and beyond the mastery of particular subjects. The core curriculum at the High School emphasizes collaboration, communication, observation, curiosity, speculation and hypothesizing, evaluation and application of knowledge. Our program is designed to generate a synergy between disciplines that provides unity and coherence, avoids duplication of effort, and allows each field of study to enhance the mastery of every other subject.


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Ensworth students and teacher at the Harkness table
Ensworth student at the Harkness table with teacher

The Harkness Method

The Harkness table forms an integral part of the identity of the high school. The large oval table fosters active learning and physically unites the class, bringing teachers and students together to facilitate face-to-face interaction. The table emphasizes the importance of listening and speaking with respect and requires preparation and sustained engagement of the students. Students and faculty engage in collaborative discourse, and every student is expected to be an active participant in the exploration and discussion of ideas. This approach to learning fosters deeper understanding and respectful dialogue among students, and alumni often mention The Harkness Method as an element of their Ensworth experience that was key to their success in college.

Capstone Scholars

Ensworth’s Capstone Program offers students in Grades 11 and 12 the opportunity to engage in an extensive exploration of an academic passion that lies above and beyond courses normally offered at the High School Campus. Following the investigation and approval process for a specific Capstone project, scholars continue with independent research or participation in internship programs, workshops or seminars related to the topic of interest. Past Capstone scholars have explored a wide range of topics, spanning the Impact of Technology on Pediatric Obesity to Jazz Composition. Each Capstone project falls under the supervision of a Faculty Sponsor, providing another avenue for educators to serve as mentors investing in the lives of Ensworth students.


Student in science class
Ensworth High School Student in Class
Ensworth student smiling while sitting at the Harkness table

Advanced Placement

Ensworth offers Advanced Placement courses in all major disciplines. While all Ensworth academic courses are designed to be rigorous college preparatory courses, we offer AP classes for those students desiring to earn college credit. From AP Physics to AP Music Theory, more than 20 Advanced Placement courses allow High School students to pursue advanced courses in their specific areas of interest. Students seeking to enroll in Advanced Placement courses must be pre-approved by the academic department.


College Counseling

Ensworth School's College Counseling Program adopts a developmental approach, empowering students to navigate the college application process with self-assessment and forward planning. The program emphasizes the importance of finding the right "fit" for each student, actively involving parents in the process.


Student smiling with another student
Technology Class
Technology Class

Creative Technology Center

The Creative Technology Center features an engineering-oriented instructional space, a full-service broadcast suite and control center, a dedicated home for the Robotics team and arena, a podcast studio, and a well-equipped digital media and computer science classroom. These purposefully designed spaces allow our students to leverage digital resources, advanced equipment, and the technical knowledge of our faculty to acquire coding and computational thinking skills, create new media and digital content, and design novel applications and machines.

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Ensworth High School students in science class