Our facility

Ensworth officially opened the doors of its Natatorium in 2013. Features of the Natatorium include a 50-Meter competition pool, ten 50-Meter lanes, a heated instructional pool, diving spring boards, and much more. 

The Natatorium serves many purposes both within and beyond the Ensworth community. Throughout the year, the Natatorium hosts swim lessons for children of all ages, provides practice space for the Nashville Dolphins, and accommodates fitness classes and Masters Swimming for adults, among other exciting aquatic opportunities. 

Our philosophy

Ensworth Aquatics coaching staff's instructional focus is always teaching first. While we believe it is important that young athletes at all levels learn the importance of training, we are committed to the notion that training should not come at the expense of technique. Our coaches are always considering how something needs to be done prior to how fast it needs to be done, or how many times it needs to be done.  
From our set design to our pool design, we believe in doing whatever we can to insure that our swimmers become technically better all of the time.  

A Different Approach

Ensworth Aquatics created 10×15-Meter lanes so we can best serve all of our athletes.  It is easy to shrink a soccer field, lower a basketball goal, or play on a smaller tennis court to teach skills before training young kids. Here’s how shrinking a pool impacts athletes:

  • A smaller pool is psychologically more manageable for young kids
  • Shorter distance between walls means it is easier for young swimmers to maintain technique and learn to swim properly
  • It is a much better space in which to train athletes at all levels to kick underwater quickly and effectively (After all, you can’t go more than 15M in any race!)
  • Older athletes train in sets focused specifically on starts, turns, speed, and underwater kicking
  • More creativity and variety = more engaged athletes